About Stealth™

Stealth™ has been developed by an R&D team that designed and engineered some of the most efficient and highest performance safety respirators, considered as the benchmarks of the industry today.

Stealth™ is a P3 (RD) half mask: conforms for the mask to EN 140: 1998, and for the filters: EN 143: 2000/A1 P3 (RD).


Based on the certification results:

Stealth™ can be considered as the highest efficiency & lowest breathing resistance of any mask on the market.

Air Filtration Solutions Ltd., designs and manufactures to the highest standards, air filters to reduce and capture contaminants from the air or air stream using pre-filters to capture large particulates, HEPA filters to capture 0.3 micron and larger particulates and ULPA filters to capture particles between 0.1 and 0.3 microns: MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle size).


We combine the above with our expertise in the use of carbon granules and impregnated cloths with additives to handle odours, vapours and gases.


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